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Providing original music, sound effects and voice overs for mobile games since 2008. I've been also credited in hundreds of indipendent games for my music which has been licensed through my music loops licensing site.

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Founded in 2010, PlayOnLoop.com is my biggest project which I manage and produce music for almost entirely by myself. All the music loops are all available for licensing for use in media projects, video games and more.

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Sometimes I like to share some thoughts about the things I often pick up during the time spent on producing my music and sound effects. Also, I'll post here news about my newest projects and music releases.

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About Me

Music Composer Filippo Vicarelli

I always had a big love for both video game music and electronic instruments. Since I was a kid I spent plenty of time playing with cheap electronic keyboards and simple MIDI sequencer to actually experiment with computer music. I also learnt to play piano and guitar in my teenage and over the next years I wrote music mostly for amateurs PC games, small Video documentaries and released a couple of CDs, until I finally started to work for games as freelancer. Other than music, I have good web design skills which helped me a lot for my online presence and personal income to support my music career.

my Music

I'm trying my best to go for a unique sound and to stay away from hollywood / blockbuster style music which is getting ridiculously bland nowadays. A trend I don't really want to follow. I love to add recurring melodies to my music, to give it atmospheric and emotional feel but also a playful and light hearted overall mood. I often blend different genres and instruments together creatively. On another side, I find myself being in love with retro game soundtracks from the 90s and I largely adopt this style myself when working for game developers. Have a listen!

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